Prayer Focus 12/03/2023 - 18/03/2023


March 12—Poland

  • The bad economic and political situation is causing many people to be hopeless and fearful. Pray for God's help to find new ways to bring hope and encouragement through the gospel and Derek’s teaching.
  • Pray for good cooperation with other ministries, especially those taking care of Ukrainian refugees.

March 13—Croatia

  • We have successfully completed the translation and proofreading of the books The Coming Revival, Faith to Live By, and Applying the Blood. Pray for the graphics process and printing to go well and that these teachings will result in much good fruit in the lives of Christians in Croatia.

March 14—Germany

  • Pray that God will give us innovation to use our resources to their fullest potential to reach new people with the gospel through Derek’s teaching.

March 15—United Kingdom

  • Pray that our Foundations Study Guide series will be used effectively by small groups and discipleship classes in meetings online or in person. 
  • Pray for the chaplains and inmates who are participating in our Inside Outreach prison program and that Derek's teaching will help prisoners to find freedom and life in Christ. 

Testimony – United Kingdom
"We have always appreciated Derek Prince Ministries since I sought the Lord in the eighties when going through the wilderness. I was seeking God for answers, and there were many teachers circulating much teaching. I wanted to really know what the Bible taught, and the Lord led me to Derek Prince’s teaching. That helped me immensely to find my way. The Foundation Series gave me a real biblical, doctrinal foundation that helped me keep on the Lord's course. He spoke to me a few years ago to write my story and I mentioned Derek Prince in my book entitled, Be a Voice Not an Echo." – Pat Regan

March 16—Sweden/Finland

  • Pray for excellent partners in Sweden and Finland to help expand Derek’s teaching in these nations.  
  • Pray for another translator to work on Derek’s teaching in Finnish and for the funds to produce and distribute his material in Finnish and Swedish.

March 17—France

  • Pray that prison chaplains we are reaching out to will respond favorably to want to provide inmates with Derek’s teaching material. 
  • Pray for God’s anointing for Caroline as she continues to share Derek’s teaching through social media, and for Catherine who oversees the Bible Correspondence School and other areas. 

March 18—Ukraine

  •  Pastor Jury Svyashchenko’s church in Mykolaiv is overflowing with refugees from Kherson that was recently liberated from Russian occupiers. However, as the Russians left, they blew up all electrical and gas supplies and boilers for heating. Some places are also without water. Pastor Jury and his team are giving out food and other humanitarian aid, DPM proclamation cards, and preaching Christ. They are also helping drill a well for drinking water. Pray for him and his team as they minister.  


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