Prayer Focus 14/05/2023 - 20/05/2023


May 14—Portugal

  •  A meeting took place last week in Portugal with several translators, supporters, and potential partners to help expand the reach of our Portuguese materials. Pray for this gathering to result in good fruit and God’s clear guidance in moving forward.

May 15—Netherlands

  • We are coordinating an international translation and subtitling project – Project Septuagint – for Derek’s video teachings. Currently, we have over 15 languages that are in the translation process, with another 15 possibly to follow. We hope to translate 70 of Derek’s sermons into 70 languages and make them available online. Pray for God’s wisdom for the administration of this project, as well as for all the different translators worldwide.

May 16—Germany

  • Pray that God will guide our efforts in online marketing so we can use this tool well to share the gospel and Derek’s teaching with many people. 
  • Pray that God will bless our church outreach programs and that pastors and leaders would benefit greatly from Derek’s Bible teaching material.

May 17—United Kingdom

Pray for the Video Bible School course that was recently launched and is now available on our website to impact many lives. (
Continue to pray for our prison outreach to help bring transformation to many inmates through Derek’s teaching of God’s Word. 

Testimony – United Kingdom

  • Joan from the UK wrote to us: "Many thanks for all the correspondence that has been sent to me. For so many years, I have appreciated the teachings in many different forms from Derek Prince Ministries. The Lord led me to the teaching when I was going through a very difficult period in my life and walk with the Lord. This has and still is a constant help for which I continue to praise Him. I am so grateful that Derek’s teaching still continues."

May 18—France

  • We will soon launch an online course on 'Spiritual Warfare'. Pray that many people will enroll, complete it, and apply what they learn.
  • Pray for God’s wisdom and creativity for Caroline as she makes Derek’s teaching available on social media. The number of followers on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest is increasing. Pray for continued growth so more people find Derek’s teaching. 
  • Pray for more open doors of opportunity for us to reach out to prisons with Derek’s teaching to help give inmates hope and encouragement.

May 19—Ukraine 

  • Pray for a good translator and editor for our Ukrainian material and for an additional editor for our Russian books.
  • Thousands of prayer and proclamation cards have been printed and distributed. Pray that they will get to the right people at the right time and that the Lord will touch many hearts.
  • Pray for the team as they translate the book, The Beast or The Lamb.

Testimony – Ukraine

  • Recently, a Christian brother testified how God miraculously saved him during the war. When he was on the frontline, which was just five holes in the ground, a mine fell in or near each hole, but none of the mines exploded! Another time, a shell exploded right in front of his face, and he was thrown out of the trench, yet he was not killed. Sadly, the other two soldiers with him died immediately. Doctors removed many fragments from his eyes, yet his vision was not affected. The doctors said it was a miracle! He also said that everyone in the trenches is praying harder and louder; there are no non-believers.

May 20—Azerbaijan

  • The books, Spiritual Warfare and God is a Matchmaker, were printed last year. Pray for this material to be used well by pastors and leaders and that more books will become available in the Azeri language.



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