May 11, Meeting God’s Conditions

We must make an important, logical distinction between earning God’s grace, which is impossible, and meeting God’s conditions, which is...

May 10, God’s Grace in Finances

There are three basic principles that govern the operation of God’s grace. First, grace can never be earned;

May 08, His Abundance

Many passages of Scripture support the fact that Jesus bore the poverty curse. Let us look at two in particular, starting with 2 Corinthians 8:9

May 07, Exhausting the Curse

Jesus had nothing. Why? Because in the divine purpose of God, He exhausted the poverty curse on our behalf.

May 06, Overtaken by Blessings

The essence of faith is to let God grow us. We meet the conditions, but God fulfills the promise and blesses us.

May 05, “The Promise of My Father”

The believer’s receiving of the gift of the Holy Spirit does not depend in any way upon his own merits; it depends solely upon the all-sufficiency of Christ’s atonement.