Daily Devotional

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June 10, Fully His

There was a boy who lived in a town on the seaside. He was a skilled and clever carver, and he carved himself a little wooden boat.

June 09, “No Condemnation”

There are two kinds of coffee: percolated and instant. Percolated coffee takes longer to make because it has to go through...

June 08, Freedom from Legalism

In Romans 8:15, Paul was speaking to Christians baptized in the Holy Spirit, and he said...

June 07, Total, Permanent Victory

The sacrificial death of Jesus on the cross is the only basis of God’s provision for every need of the whole human race.

June 06, Replacing the Old Sinful Man

Providing complete deliverance from the tyranny of sin required a threefold provision of God. First of all, He had to...

June 05, Nothing Shall Hurt Us

Through our faith in Jesus and His sacrificial death, God has delivered us from the domain of darkness. Notice that word domain.

June 04, A Clean Record

One of the most wondrous aspects of God’s nature is that when He forgives, He does not partially forgive. He totally forgives.